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Ayazika Moses/Mozzy

Ayazika Moses/Mozzy


Moses commonly known as Mozzy is the founder of WUO. He decided to dedicate his time to helping the vulnerable children in our community. 

At an early age, Mozzy started to care for the children in his society, he always had a heart for children. He lost his father early on and like most of other orphans in Uganda, he encountered a number of life challenges. These challenges forced him out of school to provide for his younger brothers to also attain an education because his mother alone would not manage to provide for all her children.

His compassion gave him the inspiration of changing the situation of some children. In April 2012, he met some Japanese friends who loved the idea of helping children in need and started supporting scholarships for a few of the children, which marked the beginning of Wake up Ugandan Children (WUCFO). A few months later, Mozzy adopted two kids who lost everyone in their family and started taking care of them with the help of his mother. Since then many more children have followed and created the foundation of what Wake-up is today.