Welcome to Wake up Ugandan Children's Foundation (WUCF)

How to Donate

How to Donate

We are always very happy and grateful to receive support for our activities and efforts. 
This can happen in the form of a donation for a specific cause like our ongoing school project, or a donation that simply helps us to increase the standards of living for our children.

We guarantee, that all donations go 100% to our children. All support given by the members of this organization is done on a voluntary basis.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about what we are doing or where we would need support. We greatly appreciate it!

For all types of donations, please find below our bank information in Uganda and Germany.

Bank Details

Uganda Bank Details

German Bank Details

Other Campaigns

Besides monetary donations, you can also send tangible items for our children or organization to the following address:

For more information on how to support us on the German market, you are welcome to reach out to our German COO – Kalina Heiter under: kalina.heiter@gmail.com. We also accept tangible items delivered to Munich, Germany.