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Empowering Our Mothers

Empowering Our Mothers

This has been achieved trough promoting Urban farming using Keyhole garden technology. Keyhole gardens are raised vegetable beds that require minimum resources in terms of water and can be built easily in a sub-urban setting like Kigungu. 

Currently, we have 12 women who are beneficiaries. They attended training and as well learnt how to construct these gardens for each other. On these gardens we mainly grow vegetables like onions, carrots, sukumawiki and many others. This helps to supplement food production as well as saving some income from the surplus sold.

Why we need volunteers in this program?

The volunteer will be working together with the Keyhole garden facilitators and monitor the conditions of the women. Further, the volunteer gets a chance to relate with the women. He or she an help with taking photos of the gardens as well as document the progress of these gardens. We have a motorbike for those with riding skills, can always use the motorbike to monitor these gardens as well as visiting the homes of the women in the village.