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Yosia Kidedde/ Yoshi

Yosia Kidedde/ Yoshi

Project Director Uganda

Yosia Kidedde commonly known as Dedde Yoshi is a community psychologist who is currently undergoing a university course in Law. He has experience as a high school teacher and has worked with a number of agencies like Fideli Uganda/KMCC Uganda, UBOS and others. 

Yoshi joined Wake up Ugandan Children in 2014. Since then he has been crucial to all activities carried out by WUO, being highly motivated,  result oriented, and hardworking. 

As the Project Director he is part of the activity development and planning at WUO and further coordinates and implements WUO-activities. He also has a representative role at WUO during community events and when collaborating with new partners. 

Yoshi loves interacting with children and youths and has unending desire to create a difference in their lives, which can be observed in his work as one of the coaches of the newly founded WUO-football-team.

His passion and empathy make him strongly committed to helping Wake up Ugandan Children achieve its objectives and goals. WUCFO appreciates to have him – an innovative, creative, reflective and multifacetted person –  as part of our passionate and innovative team on creating differences in the lives of so many of our children in our community.