Welcome to Wake up Ugandan Children's Foundation (WUCF)

Kintu Banul Shakul

Banul is a young passionate man who has been supporting Wake up Ugandan Orphans as a volunteer in Kigungu since 2018. He is in charge of welcoming visitors at the project and showing them around our community. Banul  has a great vision for his home town and aims at contributing to a better living situation […]

Gloria Namukasa

Gloria is the eldest of all children in our organization. This year Gloria successfully finalized high school, as one of the best of her class. We are so proud to see the woman she became. She is an intremental part of the organization, from day one on. Supporting on-site the other children, helping out with […]

Ayazika Francis

Franco is an important member of the team in Uganda, contributing highly with his knowledge to the football club Wake up Ugandan Children´s Foundation. Apart from giving trainings, he is always availbe for the implentation of other projects and contributes with his patienceand calm character to a successful realization thereof. We are happy to have […]