Welcome to Wake up Ugandan Children's Foundation (WUCF)

Ayazika Moses/Mozzy

Moses commonly known as Mozzy is the founder of WUO. He decided to dedicate his time to helping the vulnerable children in our community.  At an early age, Mozzy started to care for the children in his society, he always had a heart for children. He lost his father early on and like most of […]

Stefania Casiglia

Stefania Casiglia

Stefania is our newest member: she joined the team of Wake up Ugandan Children’s foundation in 2021 as she was looking for new challenges and immediately wanted to be part of the social change carried by Wake up. Her background as PhD researcher in International law and as project manager in the voluntary and community […]

Jesse Poulssen

Jesse has been a part of Wake up since 2019. He has been quietly working in the background to organize Wake Ups finances. By being on-site in Uganda, he realized how much potential the organization has and wanted to become an official part of it. Excited now to be able to contribute effectively and helping […]

Philipp Krautenbacher

Philipp is an official part of wake up since 2019. He had already contributed to Wake Up by supporting Arafat, one of our children in Entebbe for several years before that. Excited by the vision of Wake Up and the potential to bring real impact to a place where it is needed the most, Philipp […]

Jana Bauer

Jana has been part of Wake up Ugandan Children´s foundation since early 2013. She has been with us almost from the beginning seeing our developments and progresses. Having lived in multiple countries in Africa and spending many years in Uganda, Jana is very knowledgeable on the culture and it’s people. We are lucky to have […]

Kalina Heiter

Kalina first came to Uganda in 2011 to work voluntarily in Entebbe. Shortly after, she met Mozzy the founder of WUO. They immediately became friends and he showed her all the wonderful sides of Uganda, its people and culture. Kalina has always had unending love for children and is very determined and energetic. She said, […]

Yosia Kidedde/ Yoshi

Yosia Kidedde commonly known as Dedde Yoshi is a community psychologist who is currently undergoing a university course in Law. He has experience as a high school teacher and has worked with a number of agencies like Fideli Uganda/KMCC Uganda, UBOS and others.  Yoshi joined Wake up Ugandan Children in 2014. Since then he has been […]